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Who We Are

The Performance Poetry Preservation Project is dedicated to preserving the recorded history of the poetry slam movement. Explore our history, our goals, and follow our progress here. And join us on the journey!  

The P4 Collection

P4 is building the largest, most well indexed, and most carefully curated collection of slam poetry in the world. This steadily growing collection, housed at Dartmouth College's Rauner Library, currently includes almost 2,000 media items with over 21,000 individual audio, video, and print instances of poems and performances, by nearly 2,000 poets! Begin your journey into the first 25 years of poetry slam here.

Slam Facts

Part poetry competition, part social movement, part artistic community...  For more than 25 years the poetry slam has been shaping and reflecting the times in which we live.  Start here to find out more about both the history and the ongoing vitality of this amazing cultural phenomenon.