Data Migration: 1,640 Poets added to the P4 Database!

Another behind the scenes look at our progress!  As the P4 collection has been growing we've been creating cataloging data on every object we've been gathering up: CDs, chapbooks, tapes, ephemera, etc.  But until now all of that data has just been in a gigantic collection of huge spreadsheets.  A big challenge for us has been to design a full scale cataloging database system in a web environment, so that it can be searched and updated by the poets themselves.  We've had a designer working behind the scenes for almost a year on that effort.  And earlier this week, we started bringing in our first set of data!  As of this writing, the P4 Online Catalog now has data on more that 1,600 poets, all of whom are credited on at least one performance in our ever-growing collection.  As the data migration moves forward, this poet data will be linked to the more than 1,600 objects in our collection, and the tens of thousands of performances on those objects.

Keep watching this space, because it shouldn't be long before we'll be sending out a call to all poets to search through our data system, find their own record, and send us updates and corrections.  

Are you in the P4 data system?  If you're curious and don't want to wait until we go public with the data, drop me a line!  I'll send you the data we have on you, and update your record even before we go public!