P4 To Begin Fundraising Campaign!

Well, we knew it had to happen!

P4 has survived and prospered due to the generosity of a handful of donors for the past five years.  We have accomplished incredible things with the help of only a few individuals (and one major anonymous donor in particular). But as we begin to seriously gear up our operations to capture and preserve the history of the slam poetry movement, we have to broaden our base of support within the community we hope to serve.

This holiday season P4 will conduct a major fundraising campaign, designed as the first step toward making us a sustainable, long-term presence in the slam poetry community.  To do this, we have contracted with Flipcause, a professional fundraising and donation processing provider that will allow us to make the experience of becoming a P4 supporter fun, interesting, and rewarding.  We looked at a half dozen different options before settling on Flipcause, and we selected them because of the features and services they provide, and also because their values and philosophy as a company seem to dovetail perfectly with those of the slam poetry community.  Flipcause is a minority and women owned and operated company in the bay area, and we're incredibly excited to begin working with them for our first fundraising campaign this holiday season.

Expect to hear more from us in the coming months, about ways you can become a part of P4's mission to collect, preserve, protect, and share the important legacy of the poetry slam movement!