The Role of Poetry

"...there’s something inherently small-scale about poetry that I want to call the local and I want these narrow limits to be understood to be a good thing. Despite the global reach of the internet, for instance, poetry communities are small in number; their geography may be diffuse but they are, essentially, still local communities. Groups, factions, friendships, affiliations. We live our lives in relationships; we experience art in similar ways."

A link within a link in a Facebook post led us to this article from England. It is just as relevant here as it is there and should be read by anyone frustrated by "the state of poetry." Pass it along...



Love this quote:  "The argument is this: the world of poetry, so often in the past guarded by gate-keepers of the establishment, has been democratised, and now poetry – and all the associations of being a published poet – belong to the people, rather than to the few."