Royce Mann - White Boy Privilege

Many of you probably saw this poem, which went viral this past week.  It's by Royce Mann, who is an 8th Grader.  At just 14 years old, he sports a passion and a voice that would be the envy of many of his adult contemporaries in the slam world.

But more importantly, what is thrilling to me about this piece is seeing how the medium of the slam has provided this young person a way to manifest his truth, and share it with the world.  The confidence and strength he shows on that stage is thrilling, and shows just how powerful slam can be in the life of young people.  It's the kind of confidence that he's going to carry throughout his life, whether his future includes poetry or not.  That's a powerful gift that slam has given him.

As of today's posting, this video on YouTube is closing in on a million views.  Check it out: