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The Joy of Donating this Holiday Season

Imagine making a huge donation, that won't cost you a dime!  

As I begin to close down the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel, I am preparing to pass on my collection of about 200 spoken word CDs, DVDs, chapbooks, and other items to P4.  Pictured is the first set.

This will bring the P4 Collection to about 750 total media items (and many thousand individual performances).

Time to get the word out!!!

It's time to activate the Poet Army!

We posted the link to the new Performance Poetry Preservation Project website earlier this week.  We've been gratified to see how many people have responded and sent positive comments about the site.  But now that we've finished major debugging we need to REALLY start getting the word out!

Would you be willing to help?

The Grand Opening of the new P4 Website!

For immediate release:

The Performance Poetry Preservation Project is proud and excited to announce the launch of their new website, which went live on November 30, 2015.

The result of more than a year of behind the scenes design and construction, the new P4 website is the go-to location for all information about the goals and activities of P4.  The new website is also slated to grow into a portal to the thousands of hours of slam history and performances that the non-profit organization is collecting and preserving.  

The P4 Blog goes Live!

Welcome to the P4 Blog!

This is a feature of our new website, which is going live at the end of November, 2015.  We hope to make this content lively, fresh, and frequently updated!

If you're interested in contributing content to the P4 Blog, please contact the site administrator:  mongo [at]

Thanks for joining us here at The Performance Poetry Preservation Project!