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Dartmouth College Becomes the P4 Repository Partner!

Welcome to Fall everyone!

Many of you likely noticed that P4 scaled back our operations significantly over the summer.  Several members of our Board had huge life transitions this summer (including one wedding, and one move out of the country!), so it made sense for us to take a bit of a hiatus.

But we're back with the fall, brimming with more energy than ever!  We're thrilled to be taking the collection and preservation of the poetry slam movement to the next level in 2018, and we'd like to start by sharing some very exciting news:

Searchable P4 Catalog Goes Public!

It seems like we're hitting milestones here at P4 every day, but this is a big one!

For more than a year we've been working behind the scenes to translate the catalog of P4 materials into a web-based format that is publicly searchable!  I'm excited to announce that we've achieved that goal, and now you can search the catalog for specific artists, objects names, (CDs, chapbooks, etc.) and poem titles.  It's a huge collection of more than 1,600 items, with tens of thousands of individual performances and chapbook poems now available.  

Celebrating our 2016 Donors!

We couldn't have done it without you!

The first week of January is a great time to take stock of not only how far you have to go to achieve your dreams, but how far you have already come.  And although 2016 was a brutal year for many of us (on a whole host of levels), it was also a year when the generosity of the poetry slam community gave wings to this little non-profit dream-machine called P4.  

The Role of Poetry

"...there’s something inherently small-scale about poetry that I want to call the local and I want these narrow limits to be understood to be a good thing. Despite the global reach of the internet, for instance, poetry communities are small in number; their geography may be diffuse but they are, essentially, still local communities. Groups, factions, friendships, affiliations. We live our lives in relationships; we experience art in similar ways."

THANK YOU to our #GivingTuesday Donors

Fundraising is a new challenge for P4.  For the past several years we have subsisted through ongoing donations from our staff, Board, and a few very generous friends that have kept us afloat.  But we have always believed that to fulfill our mission, it is important that P4 become widely supported and embraced by the poetry slam community.

This #GivingTuesday, we flexed our fundraising muscles for the first time, unsure of whether or not we would be successful.